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Featured Artist January 2012 - Jbar

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Featured Artist January 2012 - Jbar
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Featured Artist: Jbar

At age 19, Atlanta based artist, JBar has already accomplished what most superstars aspire to do in their lifetime. This includes, performing in sold out arenas, features on albums, and tour performances with hip-hop megastars Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy. Born Justin Benjamin Alex Rucker, JBar has been into music since childhood. He's been actively involved in any and every school music and theatre program he could join since grade two. Participating in chorus and acting in school plays gave him an early interest in developing his talents as an entertainer. By fifth grade, JBar promised himself he would get serious with his music. He started to record himself on his Beatbox, and would create demo tapes. He picked up a phone book and started calling all the music labels and companies he could find listed, asking where he could send his demo. At age 16, he recorded his first song, "Don't Go", rapping with a friend’s sister. From there he continued to develop his skills as a rapper. Some time later, he hooked up with Soulja Boy through a mutual friend. This was at the onset of Soulja Boys career. Soulja Boy went on the Crank Dat tour that summer. When Soulja Boy came back to Atlanta they linked up. He let Soulja boy hear some work. Later on, Soulja Boy came back and asked if he was serious and wanted to pursue his career as a rapper. JBar was serious and ready. In 2004 they formed the SODMG (Stacks On Deck Money Gang). Soulja Boy has been a great influence on JBar’s music and career. He's helping JBar to hone his skills while teaching him the ins and outs of the music industry, from conducting interviews to having JBar perform on tour with him. JBar is the next face of SODMG, and expects to be one of the biggest artists in the music industry. Since he started working with Soulja Boy, he has performed at packed out arena concerts, done voice over’s for his character in the Soulja Boy Tellem Animated Series, and has been featured on various mixtapes and albums. JBar is a rare breed in the music industry. His voice and skills as a singer and rapper create a unique sound that will leave a lasting impression on Rap, R&B, and Pop Music for years to come. When it comes to his music, he is no stranger to hard work. He is always seeking to improve and develop his sound, spending 10-12 hour sessions in the studio, and writing daily. His music possesses an animated energy that is inspired by his personal relationships, girls, and draws on his life experiences. Despite his young age, JBar has a mature state of mind when it comes to his business. He is an entrepreneur with an established clothing line “JBAR & CUPID CLOTHING”. The line was released in a Fashion Show put on by Eye-Kandee Fashions in 2007. As an entrepreneur, he finds himself inspired by people around him. He wants to become an example that you can make it through hard work and dedication. Future ventures he would like to pursue include developing and expanding his clothing line, acquiring new businesses, and possibly working a deal in the candy industry. Upcoming projects are the SODMG Album, Soulja Boy Album, and his debut album. He is heavily influenced by 90s party music such as Uncle Luke and Wrecks n Efx. Artists he would like to work with in the future range from Erykah Badu to Missy Elliot, Drake and Outkast. He plans to continue developing himself as an entertainer, and would like to pursue acting roles, and more voice over’s utilizing his unique voice. The sky seems like the limit for the young, Atlanta native. Its evident, JBar has only just begun.

 Twitter: jbarsodmg

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Featured Artist January 2012 - Jbar
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